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La Casa de Manny

While Manny loves napping, he has Manny other interests, including but not limited to walking to the dog park, mole hunting and snacking on food! Manny is well known for being an avid foodie! He will eat anything delish.

Candy Jan 2007- Jan 2019

Candy was Manny’s sister and littermate. She passed away but is still missed. She was sweet, smart and funny.

Small but fierce

Candy was independent – She may have been small but she was happy to be by herself when she needed to be. When she died Manny would cry and cry because he didn’t want to be alone.

Health & Wellness 


Like many dogs who spend their days sleeping and eating, Manny struggles with his weight. He was born the largest puppy in his litter and family legend says that he was in his own placenta with no siblings to fight for nutrition. Because he was ‘born big’ he may never be the ‘proper’ weight,. 


Old dogs are so sweet to be around

Manny loves to sleep with his people if he can climb on the bed, sofa or coach he will and get as close as possible before snoozing off. I never knew Manny or Candy as puppies, but as senior dogs, they rest – a lot! If you are the sort of person who likes to chill at home, adopt an older dog. They will not live long as a puppy will, but the years that you have will be happy. And these old shelter dogs are the ones most likely not to find a home. So there are hundreds of dogs in shelters needing homes. Bonus, most of these dogs are already trained. They may have a few bad habits, and joints, but they have lots of love to give. 



Dogs have been human companions for longer than we can remember. Bred from wolves, we have turned them into mans best friend. They understand up better than any species on the planet, and we love them. Manny and Candy were bred to love people and because of generations of human-led selection, they are cuddle bugs that feel sad when we leave them alone. We don’t deserve dogs.