UBC Transcript Bugfix

Save this bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar and click on it on the SSC grades page:

This bookmarklet relies on the original server managed/owned by the original creator. All credit goes to Mr. Outadi for this tool! Take a look at the original plugin’s page for further instructions.

Good look to everyone who still needs this plugin! If you’re tech savvy, consider updating the original source code for the plugin.


Update log

Sept 24, 2020.

This code is a one-line modification to the original bookmarklet created by Arash (Ash) Outadi. The original bug (on line 76) was caused due to UBC changing some of the CSS IDs (CSS IDs that the plugin was removing). In order to get around this, I simply commented out the line of code; I didn’t change CSS targets – this original functionality is ‘broken’. This edit was done by URL-decoding the original bookmarklet, making the appropriate edit, and then messing around for a while until I managed to re-encode it. 

Bookmarklet source code
In case anyone wants to see the (non-encoded) bookmarklet used here, here it is.